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Silva Method with Richard Siena
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Richard Siena

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What Will You Learn In Our Course


  • Awaken The Hidden Power Of Your Mind. The Silva Method program containing everything you need to start awakening the hidden power of your mind.

  • Goals and Goal Setting

  • Learn the truth about goals and why they sometimes work and how to change that so they always work.

  • Learn to use the power of Visualization

  • learn to use your "Mental Screen" for visualizing and imagination.  Discover how genises of our time are able to accomplish amazing things.

  • Change your Words Change your Brain

  • An in depth look at how the everyday words we are using effects us in many ways. Change your Words and change the defeating self talk that we don'e even know we are saying. 

  • Learn how to find answers

  • How to find answers to question, solve problems, and live your life with grace and ease.

  • Better Memory

  • Through the use of memory techniques visualization you learn how to remember information better and do better in school.

Our Students

Over 6 million students around the world!

Allison Feehan
The Silva Method is magic!

The class was amazing. Everyone experiences their own magic within.

Rodney Mitchell
A TOTAL paradigm shift!

I used meditation to creativly fix the problems at work, and they loved it.

Greg Ulasiewicz
I steped out of the negativity!

I can give back to the whole of humanity as I manifests for myself.

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