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Silva Method with Richard Siena
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About The Silva Method

Welcome to the original world-famous Silva Method of Mind Development. This is the mind power program, formerly known as Silva Mind Control, which was created by Jose Silva in 1966.

The Silva Method is based on over 22 years of initial research (1944 – 1966)

The Silva Method is an evidence-based proven Dynamic Meditation System of easy to learn practical techniques.

Silva gives you the tools to achieve and sustain personal success, optimal health, happiness, accelerated learning, intuitive development, and spiritual well-being.

Our Mission 

The mission of the Silva Method is to awaken people to their own inherent human potential.

We guide you with structured life-transforming tools and techniques that result in positive and lasting change for yourself and those around you. 

Our purpose is to create and leave a better world for those who follow us.

We do this by teaching you the Dynamic Meditation skills you need to enhance your intuition and take command of your life.

You will, as a result, find yourself navigating life with GRACE AND EASE.


Long before the mind-body connection became mainstream, Jose Silva was already teaching it to those searching for more meaning.

Many of the thought leaders in the personal development field, in fact, have either directly or indirectly been inspired by Jose Silva’s work.

Luminaries such as Wayne Dwyer, Louise Hay, T. Harv Ecker, Bill Harris, Bob Proctor, Vision Lakhiani, Jack Canfield, and Shakti Gawain have each attested to the impactful value of the Silva Method.


The Silva Method is the original Alpha/Theta Training that has been taught in over 110 countries for over 52 years and experienced by millions of people.

It is a profound experience where you discover your power for self-healing.

You’ll learn how to create solutions for personal power and self-improvement.

You’ll develop the tools to enhance memory, learning, and focus.

You also awaken and develop your intuitive wisdom to improve the quality of life for yourself and/or your loved ones.

Our aim is to help create a better world.


Jose Silva passed away in 1999.

Since 2007, a select team of Silva trainers including Ken Coscia leads the Silva Method.

The team has ushered in some very powerfully effective revisions and upgrades to the program.

Ken was mentored and selected out of hundreds of global instructors by Jose Silva to serve on the advanced training staff and instructor development team in 1984.

At the time there were only four Silva trainers who held this position, including Mr. Silva himself.

What people are saying

Rodney Mitchell

I first took the class back in 1993 at 22 while in Houston, Texas. I was worried that I had "lost" my psychic ability. But my fears were unfounded.

And at the end of the class, as promised, I perceived information psychically!!

I am a psychic, and so are you!! It is an ability we are all BORN with as humans. Silva teaches you how to access it.

I wanted to take the class from Rich because he has over 30 years of experience using the Silva techniques daily.

I wanted to wake up naturally, without an alarm clock. Check! I have awakened without an alarm daily since taking the course.

I was hoping to hear many stories, particularly of telepathy and telekinesis. And I was not disappointed!!

During one of the exercises, I had a vision of being at my place of work and implementing a system to increase accuracy and efficiency in our day-to-day operations. When I told my boss my idea, she said, "I LOVE it, I Love it, I will implement that TONIGHT!! The most exciting thing is that I did not go into the exercise to solve a problem. It came completely unbidden.

Rich has experience as a successful business owner and guided me in presenting my idea to my boss.

If you consider taking the Silva course, I highly recommend taking it from Rich!

Allison Feehan

The Silva Method is magic! The class taught by Rich Siena was amazing. He is thorough and ensures everyone experiences their own magic within. Highly recommend it and I can't wait to take it again.


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