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Silva Method with Richard Siena
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Learn to use the other
of your brain 

People like Margret Mead and Albert Einstein said we only use 10% of our brains potential. 

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Jose Silva created the Silva Method to help his children lead a more fulfilling and successful life. After 20 plus years of research and success with his children, Jose brought what he discovered to the world. Today, there are many books on the Silva Method and millions of graduates from over 100 countries in many languages who have experienced these transformative benefits—using dynamic meditation as the core principle to unlock the potential of our minds. The Silva Method of meditation is not just sitting on a mountain top in some yogi position, it's using our imagination and creativity to conquer life's challenges.

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  • Live interactive classes

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  • Meditation, coaching, and training

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  • Trained by Jose Silva

  • Silva Certified Instructor Since 1982

  • Practical experience with the techniqes

  • Muli-book author

  • Silva Success's

  • Classes ongoing for over 50 years (first class in 1966)

  • Over 22 years of research (1944 – 1966 and beyond)

  • Available in over 111 countries

  • Over 6 million students worldwide and growing

  • Our Students

    Over 6 million students around the world!

    Allison Feehan
    The Silva Method is magic!

    The class was amazing. Everyone experiences their own magic within.

    Rodney Mitchell
    A TOTAL paradigm shift!

    I used meditation to creatively fix problems at work, and they loved it.

    Greg Ulasiewicz
    I stepped out of the negativity!

    I can give back to the whole of humanity as I manifest for myself.

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    Like you, I searched for a way to make my life better. I came across The Silva Method and knew this was it. Using the techniques I learned in the class daily since 1980, The Silva Method has changed my life.

    I use what I learned in every aspect of my life. Using The Silva Method techniques to create revolutionary products in the software industry, prosperity in my retail gemology business, and raising my children. The Silva Method has proven to be an invaluable part of my life.